Basic Wireless Settings
You could configure the minimum number of Wireless settings for communication, such as Network Name (SSID) and Channel. The Access Point can be set simply with only the minimum setting items.
Wireless Network
Radio On/Off    
Radio Off Schedule  
Wireless Mode
Transmission Rate  
Wireless Name (SSID)
Multiple SSID1
Multiple SSID2
Multiple SSID3
Multiple SSID4
Multiple SSID5
Multiple SSID6
Multiple SSID7
Broadcast Network Name (SSID) Enable  Disable
BSSID   00:0C:43:35:95:00
Frequency (Channel)
Frequency (Channel)
Frequency (Channel)
Wireless Distribution System(WDS)
Encryp Key
AP MAC Address
AP MAC Address
AP MAC Address
AP MAC Address
HT Physical Mode
Operating Mode Mixed Mode  Green Field
Channel BandWidth 20MHz  Auto 20/40MHz
20/40 Coexistence Disable Enable
Guard Interval long  Auto
Reverse Direction Grant(RDG) Disable  Enable
Extension Channel
Aggregation MSDU(A-MSDU) Disable  Enable
Auto Block ACK Disable  Enable
Decline BA Request Disable  Enable