Advanced Wireless Settings
Use the Advanced Setup page to make detailed settings for the Wireless. Advanced Setup includes items that are not available from the Basic Setup page, such as Beacon Interval, Control Tx Rates and Basic Data Rates.
Advanced Wireless
BG Protection Mode
Basic Data Rates
Beacon Interval ms (range 20 - 1000, default 100)
Data Beacon Rate (DTIM) ms (range 1 - 255, default 1)
Fragment Threshold (range 256 - 2346, default 2346)
RTS Threshold (range 1 - 2347, default 2347)
TX Power (range 1 - 100, default 100)
Short Preamble Enable   Disable
Short Slot Enable   Disable
Tx Burst Enable   Disable
Pkt_Aggregate Enable   Disable
IEEE 802.11H Support Enable   Disable (only in A band)
Country Code
Wi-Fi Multimedia
WMM Capable Enable   Disable
APSD Capable Enable   Disable
WMM Parameters
Multicast-to-Unicast Converter
Multicast-to-Unicast Enable   Disable