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USB 3.0 technology

We get a lot of questions asking us to explain the difference between 450Mbps and 300Mbps wireless n. Well here you go!

Both technologies use the same 802.11n specification as defined by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). They are interoperable and both solutions are backward compatible with older wireless g devices. The primary difference between the solutions is the number of spatial streams that each product uses. A spatial stream is like a dedicated pipeline for which to transfer data. 300Mbps wireless n solutions use two spatial streams at the same time (with a 150Mbps maximum theoretical throughput for each stream) while 450Mbps wireless n products use three spatial streams to produce a total theoretical wireless throughput of 450Mbps.

What is the actual difference in performance between 450Mbps and 300Mbps products?

Many different environmental factors affect performance. With that said, the highest performing 300Mbps products available today can sustain actual throughput in the range of 110Mbps under ideal conditions. Tests from independent reviewers of our 450Mbps products have resulted in sustained wireless throughput in excess of 150Mbps with peaks in throughput that exceed 200Mbps! With respect to wireless coverage, independent tests have also indicated that 450Mbps products offer significant improvements in wireless coverage.

If users connect a 300Mbps adapter to a 450Mbps router, will the throughput to be limited to 300Mbps?

Yes that is correct. The highest wireless speed supported between two devices is limited to that of the lowest wireless technology of each device. Therefore if you are connecting say, a 150Mbps adapter, then the highest theoretical speed supported is 150Mbps. Please note however, that TRENDnet is the only networking brand to currently offer 450Mbps adapters that allow users to connect to 450Mbps routers at their full rated theoretical speed.

When did TRENDnet launch 450Mbps adapters to market?

We launched the first 450Mbps gaming adapter in January of this year, and then the first 450Mbps USB adapter this May. The gaming adapter is designed to connect media console devices such as Internet TVs, Gaming Consoles, and Network enabled DVRs over a high performance 450Mbps connection with a 450Mbps router. The 450Mbps USB adapter is well suited to connect laptop and desktop computers to a 450Mbps router.

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USB 3.0 technology

01net, France's most popular technology review site, is highly regarded for performing unbiased and accurate product tests. 01net compared TRENDnetís first to market 500Mbps Powerline against recent 500Mbps Powerline products from Devoloóanother leading European Powerline brand. TRENDnet's 500Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit, model TPL-401E2K, outperformed Devolo's 500Mbps dLAN500 in 01netís Powerline throughput tests. 01net also cited TRENDnetís product price a being 50 Euro (approx. $70) lower than that of Devolo. The combination of competitive pricing and leading performance resulted in TRENDnetís first place finish and reaffirmed TRENDnetís price-to-performance market leadership position.

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