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What is NetUSB technology?
FAQ ID: 1351   Updated: 7/10/2007 7:16:29 PM
The goal of TE100-MP1U/TE100-MP2U/TEW-MP2U USB MFP Server is to provide print/scan/fax/file server sharing in a single product. There is no industry standard to network popular multifunction printers. We have developed a new technology, called "NetUSB", to solve this problem. TE100-MP1U/TE100-MP2U/TEW-MP2U relies on printer/scanner drivers that are installed on PCs. Furthermore, in order to reduce manufacturing cost, many printer vendors produce so-called GDI or host-based printers. For technical reasons, these kinds of printers can not work with the traditional network printer protocols. The NetUSB technology can also deal with the problem. NetUSB acts as if the device is directly connected to the Multi-Function Print Server in order to ensure compatibility.

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