Discontinued Product

TRENDnet free product support extends for one year after the respective product is discontinued.





TV-NVR1508 v1.0R 8-Channel H.265 4K (8MP) PoE NVR
TV-NVR208 v1.0R 8-Channel 1080p HD PoE+ NVR 8/23/2018
(Version )
TV-NVR208D2 v1.0R 8-Channel HD PoE+ NVR with 2 TB HDD 1/30/2020
(Version )
TV-NVR216 v1.0R 16-Channel HD PoE+ NVR 3/30/2021
TV-NVR216D4 v1.0R 16-Channel HD PoE+ NVR with 4 TB HDD 11/1/2018
(Version )
TV-NVR2208 v1.0R 8-Channel HD NVR 2/1/2019
(Version )
TV-NVR2208D2 v1.0R 8-Channel HD NVR with 2 TB HDD 12/5/2019
(Version )
TV-NVR2216 v1.0R 16-Channel HD NVR 12/5/2019
(Version )
TV-NVR2216D4 v1.0R 16-Channel HD NVR with 4 TB HDD 4/24/2019
(Version )
TV-NVR2432 v1.0R 32-Channel HD NVR 4/1/2019
(Version )
TV-NVR2432D4 v1.0R 32-Channel HD NVR with 4 TB HDD 5/1/2019
(Version )
TV-NVR408 v1.0R 8-Channel H.265 1080p HD PoE+ NVR 11/4/2022
TV-NVR416 v1.0R 16-Channel H.265 1080p HD PoE+ NVR 10/28/2022
TVP-224HR 1.0 4-Port VoIP Gateway Router 10/29/2008
TVP-SP1BK 1.0 VoIP Bluetooth Phone with Bluetooth Adapter (for SKYPE™) 3/4/2009
TVP-SP2 1.0R VoIP USB Speakerphone (for Skype™) 6/11/2010
TVP-SP3 1.1R VoIP USB Phone (for Skype™) 10/24/2008
TVP-SP4BK v1.0R ClearSky™ Bluetooth® VoIP Conference Phone Kit 3/24/2008
TVP-SP5G v1.0R VoIP USB Phone Adapter (for SKYPE™) 2/26/2010
TV-SS1 v1.0R Video Surveillance Yard Sign
TV-VMS004 1.0 TRENDnet Luxriot VMS Basic (4 channels) 11/1/2019
TV-VMS009 1.0 TRENDnet Luxriot VMS Professional (9 channels) 11/1/2019
TV-VMS016 1.0 TRENDnet Luxriot VMS Advanced (16 channels) 11/1/2019
TV-VMS999 1.0 TRENDnet Luxriot VMS Enterprise (unlimited channels) 11/1/2019
TV-VS1 v1.0R Single Channel Analog to IP Video Encoder 2/4/2015