Industrial Managed Switches & Industrial Unmanaged Switches

TRENDnet's hardened industrial unmanaged switches and industrial managed switches are designed for use in the harshest networking environments, such as automotive factories, large data centers, and aerospace applications. These rugged industrial switches offer a wide operating temperature range; resistance to heavy vibration and shock; and protection against ESD, EMI, and electrical surges.

Both TRENDnet’s industrial unmanaged switches and industrial managed switches conveniently feature redundant power inputs with overload current protection; select industrial Ethernet switch models also feature alarm output support triggered by power failure. Note that industrial switches require an industrial power supply. Industrial switches along with the industrial power supply are often installed inside of an outdoor-rated enclosure, such as a NEMA box.

TRENDnet's industrial switch family includes both unmanaged and managed models. Industrial unmanaged switches provide users with a simple way to add port density to their network in industrious and rugged environments. TRENDnet's industrial managed switches offer a wide array of management features for monitoring and flexible network integration. Look for TRENDnet's Industrial Layer 2 Managed Switches with features including ERPS, PD alive check, PoE controls, VLAN, IGMP snooping, QoS, and more.

Industrial switches from TRENDnet are also available with additional options including those with SFP slots; and with DIN-Rail, wall mount, and rackmount options. TRENDnet offers both standard non-PoE industrial switches, and industrial PoE switch models. With PoE technology, TRENDnet's industrial PoE switches provide power and data over a single network cable, saving on infrastructure costs and installation time.

Select TRENDnet industrial PoE switches offer variable voltage support, which allows users to meet varying voltage demands for different installation scenarios (by taking lower voltage and boosting it up to an industry standard 48V for standardized PoE and PoE+ applications). TRENDnet also offers a variety of other specialty industrial switches, such as an industrial railway switch and industrial front access wall mount switches.

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