USB & USB-C Hubs

Increase the number of available USB or USB-C ports on your laptop or desktop with TRENDnet's USB hubs and USB-C hubs. TRENDnet's USB hubs (also referred to as USB splitters) allow you to connect multiple USB devices to a single USB port. Easily connect all of your USB devices, such as your keyboard, mouse, printer, microphone, scanner, webcam, or digital camera.

TRENDnet's USB hubs and USB-C hubs also allow you to create more convenient access to USB ports; place USB hubs conveniently on your desk, rather than having to reach behind your PC or underneath your desk. TRENDnet USB hubs have a user-friendly design, and require no configurations. Select TRENDnet USB hubs and USB-C hubs also double as Ethernet adapters.

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