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HPNA IPTV Streaming Solution

December 2015 — Many homes are pre-wired with coaxial (RG6) cabling, but not many homes are pre-wired with Ethernet cabling. Rewiring an entire home can be very costly, but TRENDnet's Mid-Band Coaxial Network Adapter, model TPA-311, assists to extend an Ethernet connection for IPTV streaming for a fraction of the cost by using a home's existing cabling.

PoE Camera Solution

August 2015 — A complete surveillance solution of TRENDnet's IP cameras, PoE switches, and fiber modules were utilized for a corporate campus surveillance plan. A total of 40 outdoor cameras were used, eight on each building of the campus. TRENDnet's web smart switches were used to network the cameras and fiber modules were used to relay camera data feeds from long distances.

PoE Access Point Solution

August 2015 — A medium-sized company, housed in a two-story office building, needed to create a building-wide high speed WiFi network. The challenge was to create a single continuous network that didn't require multiple SSIDs and passwords, so users could move freely throughout the building without ever losing connectivity. To construct a seamless wireless network, TRENDnet implemented a roaming wireless network solution that utilized six separate TRENDnet PoE access points, all powered by a single TRENDnet web smart switch.

Make Your Point with PoE

November 2013 — As technology evolves, an ever increasing number of businesses and government departments are utilizing Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) solutions to extend their digital networks. PoE transmits both data and electrical power over a single network cable, thereby producing significant installation and network cost savings.

GREENnet Power Saving Technology

April 2011 — TRENDnet is committed to creating environmentally sound networking hardware solutions and promoting policies and practices that respect the natural environment. This means not only creating more energy efficient products, using recycled packaging content and reducing heavy metals from our networking hardware products, but also promoting an internal culture of environmental awareness and everyday green practices.

TRENDnet Keeps the Dough Rolling at Round Table Pizza

July 2010 — “TRENDnet's PoE installation was the ideal solution for this project. The brand offered all the advanced features and reliability of competing products, at a significantly lower price point. The cameras were easily installed without disruption to the normal flow of business.”

TRENDnet Fiber Converters Yielded 65% Hardware Savings

July 2009 — “Sourcing TRENDnet's highly reliable fiber converters resulted in an incredible 65% hardware equipment savings as compared to Cisco solutions and the adoption of TRENDnet Fiber Converters by over 75 school districts to create a high speed Gigabit fiber network in a remote rural region of Quebec, Canada.”