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Просмотрите нашу библиотеку ресурсов, чтобы узнать больше о сетевых технологиях и технических средствах наблюдения. Посмотрите советы по установке и настройке, а также общие рекомендации для наилучших результатов. Прочтите информацию о практических примерах, чтобы изучить установки продукта и узнать, как решения, предлагаемые компанией TRENDnet, могут Вам помочь.

How to Set a Static IP Address

август 2021 — There are many reasons why someone would need to set a static IP address for a device connected to the network. Fortunately, although it’s an advanced networking function, setting a static IP address is much easier than many users think. Here are step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) on how to set a static IP address; plus, learn about some of the networking scenarios where you would need to use a static IP configuration.

MoCA vs HPNA vs Powerline

май 2021 — Are you looking to create a wired network connection without having to drill holes or run cabling? We’ll go over three different ways to use your home or office’s existing infrastructure to create a reliable, wired network signal. MoCA and HPNA offer ways to use existing coaxial cabling, while Powerline allows you to use a building’s existing electrical lines. Learn more about these three different technologies, and see how to determine which option is best for you.

PoE Cameras Guide for Beginners

февраль 2021 — Have you considered installing your own home surveillance system? Are you familiar with PoE cameras and what they have to offer? Installing a home surveillance system has never been easier. Learn more about the benefits PoE cameras offer and see how these cameras can save you both on time and costs. Read this beginner’s guide to get the basics and get some insight from a real-life surveillance example at a popular European ski resort.

Wireless Site Survey for Indoor Access Points

ноябрь 2020 — Wireless works differently in every environment. If you’re planning and designing a wireless network, you must perform a wireless site survey to ensure you have the wireless coverage you need. If you install APs without a wireless site survey, you won’t know about any environmental factors that can negatively affect your coverage. Learn how to perform a basic indoor wireless site survey.

Remote Video Monitoring Highway Traffic in Indonesia

май 2020 — Indonesia is one of the most congested countries in the word. To reduce the number of traffic related accidents and deaths, the country moved forward with plans to monitor and analyze their highway traffic. TRENDnet's industrial, fiber networking, managed switch, and surveillance solutions were deployed as part of a project to allow for remote video monitoring of the highways.

Long-Range Surveillance System for Largest Bank in Indonesia

март  2020 — The largest bank in Indonesia looked to upgrade their existing surveillance camera system with higher resolution cameras. The new long-range surveillance system also needed to centralize all surveillance and monitoring operations from more than 10 locations across the country. TRENDnet's reliable and durable fiber, industrial, and surveillance solutions were deployed. Read more about how TRENDnet's powerful, long-range surveillance system improved the bank's surveillance operations.

TRENDnet Enhances Commercial and Residential Connectivity at the Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery

февраль 2020 — TRENDnet's networking solutions were deployed to repair and upgrade the commercial and residential wireless networks on a four-acre winery in Southern California. With a combination of TRENDnet's high-performance wireless business routers, PoE switches, AP hardware controller, and indoor and outdoor wireless access points, learn how the installers were able to achieve the fastest network speeds the client has ever seen.

How PoE Device Class Affects Your PoE Budget

июль 2019 — Have you calculated the amount of PoE budget you need, only to find that once devices are connected, you don't have enough power? Did you know that your PoE device is assigned a PoE class? Did you know that PoE class may affect your PoE budget? Learn more about Power over Ethernet technology, PoE types, and PoE classes. See what you can do to make sure you have the power you need to keep your devices connected.

Smart Monitoring of Rotating Equipment with TRENDnet and Semiotic Labs
Application Spotlight

март  2019 — TRENDnet's industrial PoE+ switches and Semiotic Labs' smart conditioning monitoring solution work together to monitor critical AC induction motors and rotating equipment. This system is used in several industries across the globe, including national military, international beer brewing brand, steel factories, and industrial bakeries. Learn how TRENDnet's industrial switch networks this system, and how this monitoring system saves on time and reduces costs by preventing unplanned downtime of critical motors and rotating assets.

6 Common Outdoor Surveillance Camera Installation Mistakes

сентябрь 2018 — Read about the six most common outdoor surveillance camera installation mistakes that our tech support team hears, and see what you can do to avoid them. Get the most out of your surveillance cameras with these outdoor camera installation tips and tricks. We cover everything from camera placement, silica gel packets, general maintenance, and more.