Remote Video Monitoring Highway Traffic in Indonesia

May 2020

Indonesia is one of the most congested countries in the world. TRENDnet’s industrial, fiber networking, managed switch, and surveillance solutions were deployed across the country as part of a remote video monitoring system. This project was designed to help reduce the growing number of traffic related accidents and deaths throughout the country.

The network backbone of the remote video monitoring surveillance system was provided by TRENDnet’s 24-Port Gigabit Layer 2 Managed Switch, located at the main surveillance hub where all remote surveillance video would be viewed. This L2 Managed Switch was chosen because it supports advanced switch management features, such as IGMP snooping. The HDMI over IP receivers were then connected to the L2 Managed Switch; those receivers were then connected to a large video display.

Remote Video Monitoring Highway Traffic

The HDMI over IP transmitters were connected to TRENDnet’s L2 Managed Switches; the transmitters were then connected to multiple H.265 1080p HD PoE+ NVRs. To establish the long-distance network connections to achieve remote viewing of surveillance footage, TRENDnet’s fiber media converters were connected to the TRENDnet NVRs.

Industrial fiber media converters were also deployed for the remote connection from highway locations throughout the country. TRENDnet’s industrial solutions line is designed for use in harsh networking environments; they are resistant to shock and vibrations, and operate in very high and low temperature areas. This made TRENDnet’s industrial fiber solutions ideal for use in the extremely hot outdoor atmosphere of Indonesia.

The industrial fiber media converters were connected to TRENDnet IP cameras. The remote video monitoring project deployed two models of TRENDnet’s IP cameras, the Indoor/Outdoor 4MP H.265 Motorized Varifocal PoE IR Bullet Network Cameras, and the Indoor / Outdoor 2MP 1080p PoE+ IR PTZ Speed Dome Network Cameras.

Government agency responsible for highways and toll roads

Application Highlights

  • Multiple long-distance remote camera locations
  • Centralized camera management with highresolution NVRs
  • Integration into video wall monitor
  • Industrial hardware deployed in hot climate area

L2 Managed Switch: TL2-G244
Fiber: TFC-110S30
Industrial Fiber: TI-F10S30
IP Cameras: TV-IP344PI, TV-IP440PI
HDMI over IP Transmitters
HDMI Over IP Receivers

Partial network diagram of the remote video monitoring solution for Indonesia’s highways.

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