Wireless Routers

TRENDnet's wireless routers keep you connected to what matters most to you: work, gaming, streaming, downloading, video chats, stocks, and more. In more technical terms, wireless routers allow you to share your Internet connection with all of your IP devices; they also have built-in AP functionality for expanded wireless client access.

TRENDnet offers a wide variety of wireless internet routers to meet differing needs. Whether you need a basic WiFi router just to get online, more advanced WiFi routers for streaming and gaming, or a feature-rich wireless router for your business; TRENDnet offers wireless routers to fit every need and budget.

We have both high-performance and reliable business routers and home routers to boost connectivity at your workplace or in your home. We offer wireless routers that support next-gen technologies, such as WiFi 6 (wireless ax), but also still offer legacy technologies with WiFi 5 (wireless ac) and WiFi 4 (wireless n) router models. Advanced features on TRENDnet wireless routers include tri-band/dual-band support, MU-MIMO, VPN, dual-WAN, pre-encryption, targeted beamforming, guest network support, airtime fairness, and smart WiFi technology.

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