Network Adapters

Remove network bottlenecks and easily upgrade your PC or server to ultra-fast multi-gigabit speeds with TRENDnet’s multi-gigabit RJ-45 copper network cards and fiber network card. The multi-gigabit copper NICs offer support for multiple speeds, including 1G, 2.5G, and 10G networking speeds. TRENDnet also offers a multi-gigabit SFP+ NIC for both ultra-fast and long-distance networking applications.

TRENDnet’s reliable multi-gigabit USB-C adapters allow users to also easily add multi-gigabit network connectivity to their laptop, notebook, or PC. Many of the most popular laptop models today no longer feature an RJ-45 port, and these TRENDnet adapters provide a compact and cost-effective solution in adding multi-gigabit connectivity.

The multi-gigabit USB-C adapters are also conveniently compatible with standard Cat5e (or better) cabling. The USB-C to multi-gigabit adapters are powered by USB, and the 2.5G version comes with a bonus USB-C to USB-A converter.

Improve your wired network connection to quickly transfer large files to and from your PCs and servers, and boost overall system performance.

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