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TRENDnet Hive is a cloud management platform that provides a centralized cloud-based, remote network management solution for TRENDnet network devices. Select TRENDnet network devices can be connected to the Hive cloud management platform. The TRENDnet Hive cloud networking solution offers better overall visibility of your network devices from a single intuitive and easy-to-use cloud interface.

Advanced features supported with the Hive cloud networking solution include event and device hardware monitoring, traffic statistics, notification alerts, and troubleshooting tools. With the TRENDnet Hive network cloud manager, network device provisioning can be more easily accomplished through scheduled or immediate deployment of batch firmware and configuration updates. Reduce the time, complexity, and management costs of your network with the reliable TRENDnet Hive cloud networking solution.


Cloud networking allows TRENDnet Hive users to remotely access, manage, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot network devices at different locations from a single intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based interface.


Add network devices without concern for additional hardware resources, such as dedicated PCs and server hardware for device management. Schedule deployment of batch firmware and configuration updates from the cloud.


Service-Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime and service availability alleviates the need, time, costs, and maintenance for a dedicated management server in your internal network.


TRENDnet Hive saves you on cost and time by simplifying and centralizing the management and monitoring of your networks. Hassle-free remote access and management is provided by TRENDnet’s reliable cloud service, no personal cloud or server required.

Cloud-Based Management

TRENDnet Hive network cloud manager provides better overall visibility of your network devices from a single intuitive and easy-to-use cloud interface

Ease of Provisioning

Schedule batch firmware upgrades and configuration updates for deployment from the cloud for your network devices. Create and customize configuration files in the cloud and review records of when firmware and configuration update tasks were carried out

Reduce time and management costs

Reduce maintenance time and costs by moving network device access to the cloud

Hassle-Free Remote Monitoring

Remote network management support allows you to monitor your network devices from the cloud with device uptime, detailed logging, traffic statistics, event snapshots, and device health (processor/memory hardware and PoE budget utilization)

Intuitive Alerts and Notifications

Choose customized alerts and notifications to be sent based on exceeded thresholds (CPU/memory), or events (port link status, device offline, switch loop)

Minimal Downtime

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime and service availability

Hive Subscription Options

TRENDnet Hive – For consumers & end users

  • Overview of devices, clients, and system logs
  • Manage system settings, documentation, logs, and debugging
  • Set notifications and e-mail alerts
  • Monitoring and advanced management
  • Detailed reporting tools
  • View user and traffic statistics, and device lists
  • Device analysis, such as memory, CPU, PoE usage
  • Real-time network diagnosis and testing tools
  • Centralized firmware management
  • Set and manage device configurations
  • Free iOS® and Android™ mobile apps

Pricing: $9.99 per device annually – FREE for the first year

TRENDnet Hive Pro Add-On – For integrators & partners

  • Multi-user roles and permissions
  • Multi-tenancy creation
  • Google Maps™ location tracking

Pricing: $24.99 per account annually – Special Promo: $4.99 per account annually

Receive a 1-year free trial of TRENDnet Hive with the purchase of each compatible device.

The TRENDnet Hive free trial begins once you’ve registered your product with the TRENDnet Hive platform. This trial offer is subject to change at any time without notice.

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