Basic LAN WAN Status Filters Routing Wireless Powerline Security Firmware

This page allows you to configure the basic operation of the router.

Local Time:      Thu Jan 1 08:02:40 HKT 1970

Router Username:     
Router Password:     
Router WAN Port:     

Block ICMP:     

Time Zone:     
NTP Servers:     

SNMP v1/v2c Agent:     
Read-Only Community:     
Read-Write Community:     
V2c Trape Receiver:     

DDNS Client:     
DDNS Username:     
DDNS Password:     
DDNS Service Provider:     
DDNS Desired HostName/DomainName:     
DDNS Desired MX:      Backup?
DDNS Sub-system:     
DDNS Wildcard:     

Syslog IP Address:     

Connection Logging: