AC2600 StreamBoost™ MU-MIMO WiFi Router


Virtual Server
Virtual Server (also called port forwarding) allows you to define specific ports (used or required by a specific application) and forward them to a single IP address (a computer or device) on your network. The Public Port can be assigned a different port number than the Private Port (also known as port redirection), however it is recommended to use the same port number for both settings. Please refer to your device documentation to determine which ports and protocols are required. It is recommended to assign a static IP address to the device or use DHCP reservation to ensure the IP address of the device does not change. Since most ISPs constantly change your home IP address, to be able to access the Virtual Server port(s) from the Internet it is recommended to setup Dynamic DNS service. If you need to open multiple ports to a single device on your network, it is recommended to use Advanced > Firewall > Gaming as this section allows you to specify multiple ports in a single rule.

Add Virtual Server
Rule Enable
Rule Name
IP Address
Public Port
Private Port
Inbound Filter
Virtual Server List
EnableRule NameIP AddressProtocol,
Public Port/  Private Port
Inbound FilterScheduleEditDelete