AC2600 StreamBoost™ MU-MIMO WiFi Router


System Management
This section allows you to change your administrator password, set up and enable dynamic DNS, and enable remote management to allow access to your router from the Internet. Since most ISPs constantly change your home IP address, providing access to devices on your home or small office Local Area Network (such as IP Cameras) from the Internet requires setting up a Dynamic DNS service and entering the parameters into this management area. Dynamic DNS services allow your router to confirm its location to the given Dynamic DNS service, thereby providing the Dynamic DNS service with the ability to provide a virtual fixed IP address for your network. This means that even though your ISP is always changing your IP address, the Dynamic DNS service will be able to identify your network using a fixed address.

Administrator Settings
Password (Max: 16 characters)
Idle Timeout (120-3600 seconds)
Device Name Settings
Device Name
DDNS Settings
Dynamic DNS Provider
Host Name
Remote Management
Remote Control (via Internet)
Remote Port
HTTPS Server Support
Use https