I have forgotten my password on the TV-NVR104. How do I reset it to factory default settings?

Answer: For security purposes, if you find yourself in need of restoring the TV-NVR104 to factory default settings you will need to contact TRENDnet technical support.

Click Reset Password and provide the Serial Number to the support agent for a temporary access code.

This code is time sensitive; please ensure you reset the password immediately. The serial number is a calculated number based on your NVR identity and start up time. Please do not power off your NVR before you complete the password reset process. If you power off the TV-NVR104 you will need to generate a new serial number.

USA/Canada phone support:
Toll Free English: (855) 373-4741
Monday Friday: 7:00 AM 5:30 PM, PST
After hours 24/7: (866) 845-3673

Global Support:
Find the support number for your country at: www.trendnet.com/contact
Online Support:

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Created: 5/5/2016
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