How do I configure the TEW-737HRE if my router does not support WPS or I do not use WPS?

  1. Plug in the TEW-737HRE to a power outlet. For EU versions, turn the device on as well.
  2. Connect a network cable from the TEW‐737HRE to your laptop/PC
  3. Open a web browser and type http://tew-737hre or
  4. Enter the Login information. By default the username and the password is printed on the side label of the TEW-737HRE.

  5. Click on Wireless then Site Survey. Select the SSID that you want to repeat and click Connect.

  6. Enter your wireless network’s security key and click Apply

  7. Setup is complete. You may disconnect the network cable from your computer and move the repeater to a location of your choice where it can still communicate with your wireless network.
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Created: 9/17/2013
Modified: 9/17/2013
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