How do I configure the TEW-713RE if my router does not support WPS or I do not use WPS?

  1. Plug in the TEW-713RE to a power outlet.
  2. Connect a network cable from the TEW‐713RE to your laptop/PC
  3. Open a web browser and type http://tew-713re or
  4. Enter the Login information. By default the username and password is admin

  5. Click on Wireless then Site Survey. Select the Wi-Fi name/SSID that you want to repeat then click Connect.

  6. Enter your wireless network’s security key then click Apply

  7. Setup is complete. Disconnect the TEW-713RE from your computer. Place the TEW-713RE in the desired location.

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Created: 5/9/2013
Modified: 5/9/2013
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