Do I need to purchase antennas with the TEW-715APO?

The TEW-715APO comes with a built-in dual polarization directional 8dBi antenna. The built-in antenna is ideal for point-to-point bridging applications. You can also add an Omni-directional antenna for a full 360 degrees of wireless coverage.

Recommended for outdoor external antennas applications:

TEW-ASAL1: Outdoor Lightning Arrestor Kit

Optional Omni-Directional Antennas:

TEW-AO08O: 8dBi Outdoor Omni Directional Antenna

TEW-AO10O: 10dBi Outdoor Omni Directional Antenna

TEW-AO12O: 12dBi Outdoor Omni Directional Antenna

Antenna Cables:

TEW-L406: 6 Meter LMR400 N-Type Male to N-Type Female Cable

TEW-L412: 12 Meter LMR400 N-Type Male to N-Type Female Cable

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