Please reference the items below if you continue to experience difficulty with installing and using your Powerline adapters.

  • Power-cycle the Powerline adapters by disconnecting them from their power outlets for 15 seconds and then reconnect them. 
  • If the Powerline (PL) LED is red, try plugging the Powerline adapter into another available power outlet.  The quality of the connection may be better in a different power outlet.
  • If you are having issues connecting the Powerline adapters after changing the encryption key using the Sync button or Powerline utility, reset the Powerline adapters to defaults using the physical Reset button.
  • Using a pin or paperclip; press and hold the Reset button for 1 second on each Powerline adapter. All LEDs will turn off then turn back on. This will reset the Powerline adapters to their default settings.  The default encryption key is HomePlugAV.
  • The Powerline adapters can provide better connectivity and performance when plugged directly into a power outlet.  Connecting the Powerline adapters to a power strip or surge protector may degrade or block Powerline signals.
  • Avoid using the Powerline adapters on GFI protected outlets and electrical systems with AFCI circuit breakers.  They may degrade or block Powerline signals.
  • The Powerline adapters should not be used in areas with excessive heat.
  • Florescent and incandescent lighting can generate significant Powerline interference.  
  • If your building has more than one circuit breaker box, the Powerline adapter may not be able to establish connectivity between them. In this case, connect a Powerline adapter into a power outlet located on each of the circuit breaker boxes.  Then connect an Ethernet cable between the Powerline adapters to bridge the two circuits together.
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Created: 11/30/2011
Modified: 11/30/2011
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