General Troubleshooting

  • If the PL LED is red indicating good quality only, try plugging the TPL-402E into another available wall power outlet to check if you can obtain better connection quality.
  • Use a pin or paperclip and push and hold the Reset button for 1 second on each TPL-402E powerline adapter. All LEDs will turn off and turn back on. This will reset the TPL-402E powerline adapters to the default settings, network name/security key assignment "HomePlugAV".
  • Connecting the TPL-402E to a power strip or surge protector may degrade network performance or completely stop network signals.
  • The TPL-402E should not be used on GFI protected outlets as some outlets will filter out powerline signals.
  • The TPL-402E should not be used in areas with excessive heat.
  • Certain florescent or incandescent lights are noise sources on the electrical and can degrade powerline performance.
  • If your building has more than one circuit breaker box, the TPL-402E may not be able to establish connectivity between different circuit breaker boxes. In this case, connect a TPL-402E powerline adapter to a power outlet located on each of the circuit breaker boxes, and then connect an Ethernet cable between the TPL-402E powerline adapters to bridge the two circuits together.
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Created: 4/22/2011
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