I have configured the TEW-657BRM but still cannot access the Internet. What should I do?

Contact your ISP and gather the following information.

  • VCI and VPI values
  • DSL Modulation
  • Login Method
  • DSL Multiplexing method
  • Username and Password

Login to the TEW-657BRM by entering into the address line of your browser.

The default User Name is “admin”, without the quotes. There is no password by default. Click “OK”

Click Setup Wizard then click Next.

Choose "Manual Selection" then click Next.

Enter the VPI and VCI values and select the DSL Modulation then click Next.

Select the Login method and DSL Multiplexing Method then click Next.

For PPPoE Enter your username and password then click Next.

Please wait while the TEW-657BRM reboots.

Click Ok after the TEW-657BRM reboots.

Check "Test Internet Connection" and then click Finish.

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Created: 8/27/2010
Modified: 9/1/2010
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