After successful installation of the TFM-560U 56K (V.90) High Speed USB Fax Modem, I try to connect to the internet but I get no dial tone. What should I do?

1. Ensure that the telephone cord is securely connected at both modem and wall outlet.

2. Unplug the telephone cord from the computer and connect it directly to a telephone from the wall outlet. Check for a dial tone. If there is none, the problem is in the telephone cord or system. Call your telephone service provider.

3. Double-check your country setting. Different country setting will cause different modem performance. Please select the correct country as you located.

4. Check modem performance with a direct line from your telephone company. Some PBXs may cause the telephone line condition change and affect modem performance.
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Created: 2/2/2005
Modified: 2/2/2005
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