I am not getting a full 100% signal from the TEW-645UB, what can I do to improve the signal?

When using the TEW-645UB from time to time you may experience issues with wireless signal loss or no signal, this is due to environmental conditions in and out of any structure or objects in the way. Since wireless is based on line of sight. The wireless signals do not pass through objects, walls or obstructions very well. You may have to pre-test your environment and try placement of the wireless devices in different areas to achieve the best performance. Try to place wireless devices in line of sight areas with few obstructions and up high from other interference. Other wireless signals from TVs, microwave ovens, and other Electro Magnetic Inference (EMI) devices could also interfere with wireless networking*.

*Maximum wireless signal rates are referenced from IEEE 802.11 theoretical specifications. Actual data throughput and coverage will vary depending on interference, network traffic, building materials and other conditions.

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Created: 10/8/2008
Modified: 10/8/2008
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