How do I connect to my TEW-632BRP using WPS (WiFi Protected Setup)?

Step 1 Press the WPS button located on the right side of the TEW-632BRP. The button will start to blink indicating that it is ready for a WPS enabled computer to connect.

Step 2 Press the PBC (Push Button Connect) button in your wireless adapter’s utility.

Example using a TEW-621PC wireless network adapter.

Open the wireless utility and go to the profile tab. Click on the WPS button.

Highlight the TEW-632BRP by clicking on it and then click on the PBC button.

It will automatically configure the TEW-632BRP’s wireless settings and security. For non WPS enabled computers the key will be used to connect them to the TEW-632BRP. Click on save.

You can check the connection status on the “Link Information” tab.

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Created: 11/22/2007
Modified: 11/22/2007
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