What is a TRENDnet Multi-Function Print Server?

Multi-Function Print Servers, or MFP Servers, are used to share not only your printing tasks, but now your scanning, faxing, copying, and storage functions all on the data network. MFP Servers differ from conventional print servers primarily because single-function print servers are only capable of printing tasks making them incompatible with today’s popular multi-function printers.
MFP Servers offer a cost saving element by eliminating the need for network-ready equipment such as printers, scanners, and fax machines. They also reduce the costs associated with adding multiple printers around the office, and centralize networks printing, scanning and faxing needs to one location and one device in home or office environment.
The MFP Servers have an auto-connect feature which makes sharing printer with other network clients extremely easy. The MFP Control Utility processes multiple print jobs simultaneously from all networked workstations without any conflicts.
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Created: 7/9/2007
Modified: 7/10/2007
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