How do I install my printer on Windows 95/98/ME?

In Windows 98/Me you will need to install the LPR client.

For Windows 98/ME you will also need to know the port name that you are printing to (The Port Name is L1.

Installing LPR:

Step 1 Once the file is downloaded and extracted, Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > double-click on Networks. Click on Add.

Step 2 Highlight Client and click on Add.

Step 3 Click on Have Disk > Browse. Browse to the location of the extracted LPR Client.

Step 4 Click OK 3 times.

Step 5 From the list highlight LPR for TCP/IP and click on Properties.

Step 6 Click on Add Port

In the top field type in the IP address of your Router, the default IP address is In the bottom field type in the port name of your Router, the Port Name is L1.

Step 7 Click on OK. Windows will ask you to restart. Click Yes.

LPR is now properly installed on your computer.

Printer Installation

Step 1 Open your printers folder. Go to Start > Settings > Printers.

Step 2 Double-click on the Add Printer icon, which will launch the Add Printer Wizard.

Select Network Printer and click on Next.

Step 3 Click on the Browse button and browse to the Router.

Highlight the Router and click on OK to return to the Add Printer Wizard.

Click on Next. If you are unable to do this you can manually enter the Router by using two backlashes, the IP address, one backlash and the port name of you printer.

Step 4 You will now be asked to select a printer to install.

If you cannot find your printer from the list, click on the Have Disk button and browse to the printer drivers for your printer (floppy, CD, or downloaded).

Step 5 If you find your printer in the list, click on it and then click on OK. Windows will install the drivers.

Step 6 Once the drivers have been installed, click Finish to complete the installation. You may be prompted for your Windows CD. If you are prompted for the CD, browse to the Win98 folder on the Windows CD and click on OK

Step 7 After the drivers have been installed for your printer, you will be prompted to print a test page. Select yes and click on Finish.




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