Windows can't locate the driver for the Gigabit Network Adapter.

Double check the driver diskette and make sure it's labeled for this Adapter. For the latest driver, please visit, select the "Download" section on the page, and select the "product name" to download the driver.

Please note the driver file on the web site is either in .EXE (executable) or .ZIP (compressed) format. After downloading the file, for .EXE file, please double click the file and take a note on where the driver files are copying, and then locate the driver from that location (e.g. C:\TEG-PCITXR). For the ZIP file, please use WINZIP or other compatible decompressed software to expand the file to a desired location and then locate the driver from that location.
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Created: 2/2/2005
Modified: 2/2/2005
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