Which port do I need to use to expand my network?
Answer: You can use any port on the TE100-S5 to connect to an existing network.
What do the LEDs indicate?
Why am I only able to get one computer online through the TE100-S5?
The TE100-S5 is a switch. It is not a router and will not allow you to share your Internet connection. You will need a router to share Internet. The TE100-S5 can be used to expand the amount of ports on your existing router or network....
Is there an uplink port on the TE100-S5?
Why canít I get a link light when I plug in my network device?
Please check the following: Please make sure that the cable is seated properly on both ends. Make sure that you are using a known working cable. If possible please try plugging in a known working device in the port you are having issues with to see if the problem follows the switch or the...