Can I share my Internet connection through the switch?
To share an Internet connection you will need a Router. The Switch can be utilized to expand the available ports on your existing Router or network....
What is GREENnet technology?
GREENnet technology reduces power consumption by up to 70% when:* Ethernet ports are not in use Connected devices are turned off Connected device are in powersaving modes Based on Ethernet cable length *Max power savings compared with conventional TRENDnet Switches ...
Do the TEG-S81g support Jumbo Frames?
The TEG-S81g Jumbo Frame supports up to 9Bytes.
What is the limited warranty period of the TEG-S81g?
The TEG-S81g carry a 3 year limited warranty. Warranty disclaimer included with the product and available at
How do I configure the TEG-S81g?
The TEG-S81g are non-manageable Switches. They are not configurable.