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Introducing the TRENDnet TE100 Series: TE100-H5 5-Port ProXpress 100Mbps Hub
TRENDnet (4/25/1997)

TORRANCE, CA - April 25, 1997 — TRENDnet, a network solution innovator, located in Torrance California is unveiling another Fast Ethernet solution . The TE100-H5 is a 5-port 100Base-TX Class II Fast Ethernet hub. The TE100-H5 is an excellent choice for a departmental Fast Ethernet solution that meets today’s high bandwidth demand. TRENDnet is continuing its efforts to provide low cost and flexible Fast Ethernet solutions.

The innovative Fast Ethernet concept was prompted by the growing importance of LANs, the increasing complexity of desktop computing applications, and the need for high performance networks. The TE100-H5 incorporates the latest Fast Ethernet Class II specifications. The standard enables a TE100-H5 to be cascaded to another Fast Ethernet Class II compliant hub for convenient expandability. The TE100-H5 is equipped with an uplink port thus eliminating the need for cumbersome "cross-over" cables when cascading to another hub.

With 10 times the speed found in conventional Ethernet devices the TE100-H5 will provide 100Mbps Fast Ethernet speed, maximize throughput, and free up collision bottlenecks in any network. Used in conjunction with the TE100-S21 10/100Mbps switching hub it delivers a total switched Fast Ethernet network solution.