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High Performance PCMCIA Ethernet Card with builted-in Fax Modem

  • Instantly connect your laptop to the Internet with this high performance Internet and fax modem card
  • High speed 56Kbps data and 14.4Kbps fax communication
  • Enjoy a 5 year warranty

Снятые с производства изделия
The TEM-560T  has been discontinued.  For a list of discontinued products, click here.
  • Hardware
  • Compatibility:
  • PCMCIA 2.1/JEIDA 4.1 Type II Compatible
  • Ethernet Standards:
  • IEEE 802.3 10Base-T
  • Network Support:
  • Windows/Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95/98, Windows NT
  • Error Control:
  • V.42, MNP Class 2-4
  • Data Compression:
  • CCITT V.42 bis, MNP 5
  • Data Throughput Enhancement:
  • ETC protocol
  • Flow Control:
  • Hardware RTS/CTS, Software XON/XOFF
  • Transmit Level:
  • Permissive -10dBm
  • Software Control:
  • Industry Standard AT command set; Hayes Compatible
  • Dialing:
  • Pulse/Tone and adaptive dialing
  • Typical Power Consumption:
  • Operation: 640mW
  • Sleep Mode - 80mW

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