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Introducing the TRENDnet TE100 Series: ProXpress 10/100Mbps Switching Hub
TRENDnet (7/31/1996)

TORRANCE, CA - July 31, 1996 — TRENDnet once again will take the lead as the provider of the of the Fastest Ethernet Switching Hub solution, with the introduction of the TE100-S55. The TE100-S55 is designed to guarantee optimum 100Mbps network speed where it is needed while preserving investments in 10 Mbps segments by easily switching data transmission from 10Mbps to 100Mbps.

With today’s ever increasing bandwidth requirements it’s inevitable that more networks will require 100Mbps segments for their high demand users. The TE100-S55 will link these 100 Mbps segments with existing 10Mbps segments allowing for a smooth migration to Fast Ethernet networks without requiring a complete system hardware upgrade.

The T E100-S55 is equipped with 5 switched connections. All five ports have the capability of running the existing 10Mbps technology as well as the new high-bandwidth 100Mbps technology. In addition, TE100-S55 utilizes the following technology: store-and-forward Ethernet packet switching; IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Algorithm for network loop detection and prevention, and topology re-configuration; EEPROM implementation allowing in-field upgrade through the out-of-band RS-232 port. Simply implementing one of the TE100-S55 hubs will boost your current network throughput up to 50 times.

The TE100-S55 will maximize throughput, freeing up collision bottlenecks in any size network by providing 100Mbps Fast Ethernet speed wherever it’s needed. Used in conjunction with our TE100-H12+ and TE100-H8 to deliver a total Fast Ethernet Network Solution. Once again, after already being heeded as innovators of 100Mbps technology, with 3 new products we are one step ahead of our competitors, by offering our customers with the most complete 100Mbps Fast Ethernet product line.