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Letter from the President: IP Camera Hack
TRENDnet (2/14/2012)

Founded in 1990, TRENDnet has produced high quality networking hardware products for over 22 years. TRENDnet was also one of the first brands to launch IP Cameras to the market ten years ago. The TRENDnet brand is built on our ability to produce trusted networking solutions at a reasonable price.

It has come to TRENDnet’s attention that hackers may be able to gain unauthorized access to TRENDnet’s IP Camera video feeds for select models sold between April 2010 and February 2012. Contrary to many published articles, TRENDnet took immediate action to eliminate this threat.

TRENDnet immediately dedicated all resources to verify and quantify the scope of the hack. The discovery phase of this process is labor intensive and involves reviewing extensive code and testing a broad range of IP Cameras. As evidence of TRENDnet’s singular focus, we were able to release new firmware for 18 camera models within three weeks of discovery.

TRENDnet initiated following actions as of  the day new firmware was completed and launched:

  • Published new firmware for 18 camera models
    • Available at www.trendnet.com/downloads
    • A 24-hour special tech support team is available to assist in completing a firmware upgrade
  • Immediate replacement of stock in distribution with new updated firmware stock (Updated products are identified with a sticker)
  • All shipments from TRENDnet are with updated firmware stock
  • Initiated announcements through retail partners to their affected customers
  • Requested announcements through distribution partners to their affected customers
  • Contacted over 300 global ISPs and initiated announcements to their respective customers
  • Emailed notifications to all registered customers

TRENDnet has made, in good faith, every effort to correct this situation and communicate with our customers. We sincerely apologize for this occurrence, and we will work earnestly to regain your trust.


Pei Huang
President and CEO, TRENDnet