Date and Time

The Date and Time page allows you to configure time-related settings of your , including Time Zone settings, Local Time and Internet Time.

After you have made all modifications, click Store Settings to save your settings and then hit Apply Settings/Restart Servers to validate these new settings. Every change you have made on this page will NOT apply until you hit Apply Settings/Restart Servers!   

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Time Zone

Select the Time Zone/Region and City/Town from the available list as seen in the drop down combo boxes.  For example: If the is located in Los Angeles, you can choose America as your Time Zone, and Los Angeles as your Region. The advantage of setting up the correct Time Zone is that you don’t have to change your local time setting every time when you relocate the to a different time zone. Instead, you just change the Time Zone settings and the will readjust the local time for you.  

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Local Time

Enter the correct date (dd-mm-yyyy) and time (hh:mm) here and click Change Local Time button to set current system time on . Note that if you check the option to automatically synchronize with an Internet Time Server (NTP), the time setting will be periodically synchronized to the time of NTP server specified on each restart of the and every hour.

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Internet Time

This option, Synchronize with an Internet Time Server (NTP), is for the automatic time synchronization of with an available time server on the internet. You can check the option and then specify the time servers you prefer. The will try to synchronize with the timer servers every time it starts or restarts and will continue to synchronize every hour thereafter.

The NTP Server1 is the server, with which the will first try to synchronize, and the NTP Server2 is the backup time server, with which the will synchronize when the first time server is not available. Just enter the domain name of the time server and click Store Settings to save, then click Apply Settings/Restart Servers to validate all the modifications you have made for time settings.  

Note: if you choose this option the original Current Date and Time settings you manually entered will be refreshed with the time provided by the internet time server.

Note: There are many internet time servers available. You can search in the Internet for ones that are nearer to the location where you install the . You should choose your internet time servers based on the principle that a time server nearer to you will reduce time latency in synchronization.

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