Restart Software

All the new settings you have made could only be committed to the ’s database by clicking the Store Settings/Store/Store User button on each setting page. However, just clicking any of these buttons won’t have these new settings immediately validated. You should hit the Restart Servers button so that new settings can be put into use at once.

Note: The Restart Software button will disconnect all current viewer connections. 

Note: In addition to the Restart Software button, the also provides an Reboot button (on Maintenance/Reboot page). This Reboot button is used only when the Restart Software button could works no longer to bring the to normal restart for a proper viewer connection. If you find the Restart Servers button no longer works to bring the to an effective restart, you can click the Reboot button on the Maintenance/Reboot Page. Only bear in mind that the reboot brought about by hitting the Reboot button is a total reboot and takes longer time to boot up completely, while Restart Servers is much quicker (just few seconds) since it restarts only the server programs on the .