Email Alarms

This Email Alarms Page allows you to set up the email notification for alarm events.

After you have made all modifications, click Store Settings to save your settings and then hit Apply Settings/Restart Servers to validate these new settings. Every change you have made on this page will NOT apply until you hit Apply Settings/Restart Servers!  


Email from: Sender email address used by the for alarm emails, for example: myemail@myaddress.any. It must be accepted by the SMTP server. This email address can help identify which is the sender.
Email to:
e-mail address of alarm email addressee.  

Note: You can use commas for multiple recipients:,,

Copy to: e-mail address of addressees who should get a “carbon copy” of alarm emails.
SMTP Server: Enter the name or IP address of the SMTP server (mail server) that will route the email alarms to recipients.

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