Basic Wireless
  On this page you can configure the basic 802.11g wireless settings. Any new settings will not take effect until the device is rebooted.
Wireless On/Off ON    OFF
  Enable/Disable wireless port.
Wireless Network Name (SSID)
 This is the wireless network name of this device. Stations that associate to this device should know this name.
Visibility Status Visible    Invisible
  When Invisibility is selected, this device will not broadcast its SSID in the beacons, so that each wireless client needs to explicitly know and use the SSID (Wireless Network Name).
Transmission rate (Mbits/s)
 This is the speed at which the device will transmit data. Normally you should select 'best' here, although if your wireless network is unusually noisy or quiet you may wish to use a fixed low or high rate. Note that the actual TX rate (values in brackets) is doubled for turbo mode.
802.11 Mode
 This setting controls the types of 802.11 wireless clients or stations that can connect to this AP.
Adaptive Radio Selection
 Check this box to enable Adaptive Radio feature in Dynamic Turbo mode. When this feature is enabled, Access Point stays out of turbo mode whenever it detects any non-turbo traffic on adjacent channels.
Super mode
 Select super mode.
Auto Channel Select
 Check this box to enable Access Point to automatically select the best channel at start up. This may take upto 20 seconds and no clients will be able to associate during this period.
 This is the radio channel that the access point will use. Note that 802.11g and 802.11b use only 2.4 GHz channels.