On this page you can configure the IP address used by the Web server running on this device. For "static" mode, the IP address settings are given here. For "DHCP" mode, these settings are supplied by a DHCP server on your network. You can also change the password, reboot the device, or reset all settings to their factory defaults. If you have changed any settings it is necessary to reboot the device for the new settings to take effect.

Device Control

Clicking the button below will immediately reboot the device. A reboot is necessary in order to change most configuration options.

Clicking the button below will reset all configuration options to their factory default values and the device will reboot. Note that the IP address of the device will also be reset and it may be necessary to change the address in your browser to access this website again.

Firmware Upgrade

To upgrade the firmware, enter the name of the firmware upgrade file, and click on the upgrade button below.

File to upload:

The upload may take up to 60 seconds.
Device name

Device name
 This is the name that the device will use to identify itself to external configuration and IP-address-finding programs. This is not the same as the SSID. It is okay to leave this blank if you are not using these programs.
IP settings

IP Address Mode Static DHCP
 Select 'DHCP' to get the IP settings from a DHCP server on your network. Select 'Static' to use the IP settings specified on this page.
Default IP address
 Type the IP address of your device
Default subnet mask
 The subnet mask specifies the network number portion of an IP address. The factory default is
Default gateway
 This is the IP address of the gateway that connects you to the internet. The factory default is

User name
 This is the user name that you must type when logging in to these web pages.
Administrator password
 This is the password that you must type when logging in to these web pages. You must enter the same password into both boxes, for confirmation