This page enables you to restart the system, save and load different settings as profiles, restore factory default settings, run a setup wizard to configure router settings, upgrade the firmware, and ping remote IP addresses.

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Click Restart to restart the system in the event the system is not performing correctly.

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This screen enables you to save your settings as a profile and load profiles for different circumstances. You can also load the factory default settings, and run a setup wizard to configure the router and router interface.

Save Settings: Click to save the current configuration as a profile that you can load when necessary.

Load Settings: Click Browse and go to the location of a stored profile. Click Load to load the profile's settings.

Restore Factory Default Settings: Click to restore the default settings. All configuration changes you have made will be lost.

Setup Wizard: click to run a setup wizard that configures the router and interface.

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This screen enables you to keep the router firmware up to date.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the latest firmware from the manufacturer's Web site, and save it to your disk.

  2. Click Browse and go to the location of the downloaded firmware file.

  3. Select the file and click Upgrade to update the firmware to the latest release.

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Ping Test

The ping test enables you to determine whether an IP address or host is present on the Internet. Type the host name or IP address in the text box and click Ping.

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